Lone Goat

Eating fermented foods and drinks is part of our heritage, it is great for our gut and the process of pickling encourgages radical and resilient thinking. Click on the images to find out more.

Community culture

The universal quality of getting together over food should not be underestimated. We break bread, or pickles, for celebrations across cultures.

Love your gut

Fermented foods have been proven over and again as a tool to support and promote gut health. “Every system of our body is related to gut bacteria: digestion, immune function, brain function, thinking and all of that,” Sandor Katz says.


Pickling is so ancient that it predates recorded history. It was a common way to preserve the harvest and make sure you had food to eat year round in many cultures. Pickles feature heavily in Jewish cooking across the globe.


Your local pickle and brewery social enterprise.