Love your gut

Love your gut. Supporting biodiversity inside and out.

Fermented foods have been proven over and again as a tool to support and promote gut health. “Every system of our body is related to gut bacteria: digestion, immune function, brain function, thinking and all of that,” Sandor Katz says. New research into gut health shows having a healthy gut doesn’t just mean keeping you regular. It can help with skin problems, arthritis, energy levels and brain activity including helping us to feel more optimistic! We highly recommend reading Gut by Giulia Enders who is a scientist specialising in gut health. She also has a great ted talk here: The suprisingly charming science of your gut. There is also lots of research to show fermented foods are better for you than probiotics as there is much more diversity in the great bacteria strains that you find in fermented foods.
“By eating a variety of live fermented foods, you promote diversity among microbial cultures in your body. Biodiversity, increasingly recognized as critical to the survival of larger-scale ecosystems, is just as important at the micro level. Call it microbiodiversity. Your body is an ecosystem that can function most effectively when populated by diverse species of microorganisms. By fermenting foods and drinks with wild microorganisms present in your home environment, you become more interconnected with the life forces of the world around you. Your environment becomes you, as you invite the microbial populations you share the earth with to enter your diet and your intestinal ecology.” From What’s so wild about fermentaion by Sandor Katz.