Community Friday Night Dinner

Our next community Friday Night Dinner is Friday March 22nd, celebrating Purim! Join us from 6pm. We have special guest educator Yael Roberts joining us before our pot luck dinner

This event is fully booked. We’ll announce our next one shortly.

Sensory Friendly Nature Day

Join us this spring for a Sensory Friendly Nature Day for all ages! This day is designed to provide a welcoming and comfortable experience for people with a range of sensory needs to connect to nature at Sadeh. Sadeh will be hosting and providing activities with the expectation that parents and carers will take responsibility for behavioral needs and supervision of those who need it.

Date: Tuesday April 2nd, 2024

Time: 10am – 2pm (lunch from 1pm – 2pm; please bring your own packed lunch)

Location: Sadeh Farm, Skeet Hill House, Skeet Hill Lane, Orpington, BR6 7QA

Cost: £0 – 8 per person, sliding scale. No one turned away for lack of funds.

RSVP: Complete sign up form by March 26th.

Highlights of the event include:

  • Guided Nature Walk: Explore the serene beauty of Sadeh in spring with our knowledgeable guides. The walks are designed to be calming and informative.
  • Nature Crafts: Make a mask from materials you find yourself in nature.
  • Blindfolded farm exploration: Enjoy a safe and slow guided exploration of the farm using sound, touch, smell and taste! Culminating in our havdalah garden where we grow plants to delight all the senses.
  • Quiet Zones: We understand the importance of providing spaces for quiet reflection. Throughout the venue, we will have quiet zones for anyone needing a break from the hustle and bustle.
  • Sensory Stations: Experience nature through various senses at our sensory stations. From the rustling of leaves to the scent of flowers, these stations aim to heighten your sensory experience in a gentle and self-led manner.

We encourage you to bring your picnic blankets, snacks and a packed lunch to make the most of this day in the great outdoors. Feel free to share this event with friends and family who may also appreciate a sensory-friendly nature experience.

Activities will be led by a SEN professional (and former Sadeh apprentice!) with the expectation that children will be supervised the whole time by an adult who comes with them. 

Please RSVP asap using this form to ensure we can make the necessary accommodations for everyone attending. Deadline to RSVP is March 26th.

If you have any specific requests or questions, please email Felix at with any questions.

Getting to Sadeh & Accessibility

Getting here:

Sadeh will pay for a large cab to and from the station, leaving Orpington Station at 9.45am, and leaving Sadeh at 2pm. If this it what you need to participate in the event, email to book a spot.

You can read more information about getting to Sadeh here.


We have a wide range of activities to engage in, and will always try to find ways for each visitor to get involved in a way that suits their abilities and needs.

The activities at this event will take place both in the main field and the main house. Many activities can be adapted to take place in the conservatory of the main house and the surrounding level area.

Access in the main field:

  • • Our field, which includes the chickens, vegetable beds, Havdalah Garden, and forest garden, is often quite uneven and muddy, potentially making it difficult to commute across. There are no completely level paths
  • • When the weather is dry, the ground can be traversable on a wheelchair (depending on the chair). This is much easier when  it has been recently mowed. We are happy to mow before you come if you let us know a week in advance. We can also advise on the condition of the ground before you visit.

Access in the main house:

  • • The house has level access and an accessible toilet. 
  • • We have activities that can be done from a seated position.
  • • We have a wide range of seating options, including chairs with handles, couches and benches.
  • • There are small lips on doorways that take you out to a level tarmac + brick area surrounding the conservatory.

At any of our events you are welcome to take things at your own pace and drop in and out as you need to. Animals (service or otherwise) are welcome.

We will trust that you need what you say you do, and won’t require any evidence / specific diagnosis. If it helps you to come, or makes your visit more enjoyable, we will try to make it happen.

For more information on the spaces at Sadeh and their accessibility please check this webpage: and you can email with what might make the farm and participating at Sadeh accessible to you.