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We welcome community and school trips to Sadeh. This is your chance to explore Sadeh, meet the community and engage with our farm. We tailor the trip to your group’s age and other requirements.

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"JW3 had a wonderful team away day at Sadeh Farm. We learnt a lot about the process of farming and soil renewal and we were all inspired to see people expressing their Judaism in such an incredible way. And the lunch was pretty good as well!"
JW3’s social program team
"Some very very tired and sleepy children on the coach. You’ve been wonderful! What an incredibly thing you’ve done seen it but up this amazing place."
Alma Primary school

Discover nature with Sadeh school programme

Sadeh has traditionally been a place for children to experience Jewish outdoor education. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, children have not been able to visit the site and have had reduced access to other outdoor education opportunities. The mental and physical health benefits of outdoor play and the effectiveness of outdoor learning approaches are well known. Children who spend more time outside during the day have also shown improved concentration, increased productivity, better behaviour, more positive relationships amongst their peer group and increased emotional wellbeing. Sadeh has therefore created an educational resource pack, incorporating its onsite ‘Nature Trail’, to provide meaningful Jewish outdoor learning for Year Two classes. The final class is a trip to Sadeh and an opportunity to engage hands on with the farm.

The programme is created in conjunction with PaJes and is a collaboration between Talia Chain (Sadeh CEO), Jessica Knight (Sadeh Head of Creative) and Rachel Clark (educational consultant).

Please be in touch with if your school would like to run the Year Two Discovering Nature with Sadeh programme.

We subsidise these trips through generous donors so all school children can attend no matter their circumstances. There is an option to donate specifically to support schools coming to Sadeh here.


The Sadeh Fellowship is a three-month residential program for adults that integrates food growing, regenerative land management, Jewish learning, and communal living. The fellowship program also weaves in themes of food justice, social action, and leadership. Fellows live, learn, and work at Sadeh farm based in Kent.

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No! No experience in farming or food growing is required.
We welcome participants from a wide range of Jewish backgrounds some of whom have had formal Jewish education and some of whom have only just found out they are Jewish. No prior knowledge or experience of Judaism is needed for this programme. We will engage with Jewish tradition and culture throughout the programme by celebrating festivals, marking Shabbat, classes focused on agricultural Judaism and meditation or accessible prayer.

Here’s an example of a weekly timetable given
to people on the Fellowship programme

Lone goat brewing company

Sadeh’s Farmhouse nano brewery!

Our brewery produces small batch craft beers made from hops grown onsite. We use rare farmhouse yeasts to give our beers a unique character.


We host beer and pickle tastings where we discuss why pickling is political, how preserving intersects with food justice, over or understated fermentation health benefits, and how food work and land work go hand in hand with human and planetary health. We chat all things craft and why small batch and local production is a radical move in a mass-production, throw away culture. Feel free to come and talk to us about this beautiful and growing relationship, or grab a beer and a pickled carrot with your feet up under Sadeh’s big oak tree. 

Learn more about Lone Goat