We preserve the harvest
Offer workshops and community classes
Create local and seasonal produce fermented to perfection

brew like a goat

Farmhouse nano brewery

Our brewery produces small batch craft beers made from hops grown onsite. We use rare farmhouse yeasts to give our beers a unique character.

your favourite pickler

Experiment with ferments

Experimental is in our nature. We have two pickle lines: sauerkraut and mini ferments. Our kraut varies from batch to batch, and our mini ferments showcases seasonal produce and one off ferments. Fermented products have been proven over and over again to be great for the gut which boosts overall health.

Supporting sadeh. supported by sadeh.

A community project

We donate a percentage of our profits to Sadeh. Sadeh provides us with a roof over our heads and the electricity needed to run those big brew batches.

LGBC and Sadeh have a natural relationship as fermenting and preserving is a necessary part of food growing.

Pickling is political

A pickle and a conversation

We host beer and pickle tastings where we discuss why pickling is political, how preserving intersects with food justice, over or understated fermentation health benefits, and how food work and land work go hand in hand with human and planetary health. We chat all things craft and why small batch and local production is a radical move in a mass-production, throw away culture. Feel free to come and talk to us about this beautiful and growing relationship, or grab a beer and a pickled carrot with your feet up under Sadeh’s big oak tree.