Food cycle

Fermenting as a metaphor: “We need the bubbling transformative power of fermentation.”

Days Out

Come to Sadeh for your school days out or your team away days!


Your local pickle and brewery social enterprise.

Seasonal reflections

The leaves have had quite a journey since the spring. As soon as their protective buds opened and revealed the glorious sunshine, they became mini sugar-production factories, supplying energy for the trees as they woke from winter slumber, and munch for innumerable critters.

Who are our land volunteers and artists?

Check out a few of our alumni volunteer’s stories.

Jo’s recipes

I can’t think of sukkot without stuffed cabbage. A warm little parcel to keep you snug in the sukkah is a household classic.

Seasonal reflections

Looking to the future, we aspire towards more off-grid low-impact living, e.g. with compost toilets and woodburners. So we will need to plant more trees to sustainably harvest firewood from the land. And plans are afoot for a constructed wetland system, which would be a big attraction for local wildlife.