Our Impact

Since 2018, we have successfully facilitated hundreds of unique touchpoints for Jewish youth, which we intend to develop and grow in the coming years.

  • We run activities throughout the year for approximately 500 Jewish young people outside of the guesthouse activities each year.  The activities we run are unique, with no other space in the UK offering Jewish outdoor education. Our participants are cross communal with children from Chariedi families to young people from totally secular families.  We plan on increasing our educational activities through hiring another part time educator. 
  • Last year, out of the 300 guests who stayed in Sadeh’s guesthouse, 80% were under 20. This means we engaged 240 young people in immersive learning and nature play whilst visiting Sadeh. 
    • On guided tours, young guests are able to discover exploring cultivation and usage of ancient Jewish plants, learn about as well as native British woodland and experience closeness to nature in an intergenerational, cross-communal and Jewish context.
    • They engaged in daily Jewish outdoor activities during the school holidays and Sunday activities if they came for the weekend, achieving the goal of the guesthouse which is primarily to connect Jewish families to nature and Jewish outdoor community.
  • In 2022 our Pesach community day brought 30 children to the farm for a day focused on Jewish outdoor activity. We are planning on three more family days targeting at least 100 more children. Both Bromley and West London Synagogue cheder have confirmed they are will be coming in the next two months totalling 65 children ages 7 – 14. 
  • 6 children aged 8 – 13 enjoyed hands-on solar model-building. We will continue this into the summer and expect to engage a further 40 Jewish young people, equipping them with practical experience of solar-installation.
  • 150 young people have helped us plant over 900 trees since 2018, alongside their families and community.  
    • We expect great impact from this for years to come in strengthening and building the Jewish community.  We would like to provide more Jewish youth with the opportunity to plant trees in our community orchard. We aim to facilitate tree plantings for another 100 young people over the next 12 months.
  • 20 children participated in seed-sowing with their families at our Pesach community day. The sowing of sunflower seeds over Pesach, aptly reflecting the national flower of Ukraine and its symbolism of yearning for peace. We aim to engage a further 60 Jewish Youth in seed sowing over the next 3 months.
  • The focus of the guesthouse is on family Jewish outdoor education with an emphasis on children. The guesthouse is another way to provide Jewish outdoor education to families across the religious spectrum.  Due to our KLBD licence, we are one of the only spaces in the UK where Orthodox children and children from liberal backgrounds mix. This happens through the activities we run for the guests and through outdoor play where the children often mix when left to themselves. The opportunity for Jewish children across the community to engage in outdoor play and education in a safe environment is unique and cannot be found elsewhere in Europe. Since the guesthouse opened in June 2021, we have had approximately 200 families stay even with several covid closures.  On average 60% of our guests are 10yrs or under and approximately 80% under 20. 


The Discovering Nature with Sadeh schools pack 

We created a Jewish nature pack for year 2 children in partnership with PaJes (Partnership of Jewish schools) and funded by The Jewish Child’s Day Fund, which we deliver over 6 weeks, with the last class held at Sadeh itself.. The scheme was piloted successfully in 2021 and is running again in 2022. 


Cheder, school and community visits

  • We have regular visits from cheders and communities such as Bromley shul (reform), Alei Tzion (Orthodox), West London Synagogue (Liberal and reform). 
  • We run day-long activities for them and work in partnership with the United Synagogueto run family days. We are also trialling working with specific Bar and Bat Mitzvah children. 
  • We are currently working with a WLS Bar Mitzvah boy on outdoor and environmental connection to Judaism which we hope to develop this into a separate programme if it is successful. 


Family days

Our first family day was organised by a Sadeh fellowship alumni, and was held on 20th April 2022. The day was totally kosher for Pesach, and  included multiple activities from a matzah ramble to bee education, to scavenger hunts and music.  It was a great success and was attended by 30 young people and their guardians. The next family day is planned for Sunday 3rd July 2022 and more will follow. We aim to run 3 per year. 

We have a three year plan to increase the engagement of young people (8 – 18 years)  in our activities. The aims of the plan are as follows:

  1. To increase Jewish outdoor education for Jewish children aged 8 – 18 (specifically 12 – 18 as we already work with primary school children).
  2. To improve the wellbeing of Jewish children by providing a connection to nature. 
  3. To foster a sense of Jewish community through connecting Jewish children to Sadeh’s community.
  4. To develop a network of Jewish youth outdoor educators through Sadeh’s fellowship programme to support and increase Jewish youth education.