Elementor #2041


Spreading the word takes many forms. The examples presented here tell people about Sadeh and its values. The upshot of all this is enriching the soils into which a deeper root system of community can extend. Each time Talia shares either her personal story, the goals of Sadeh, or what’s available at the UK’s first eco-friendly Kosher retreat centre, more people get involved. This is what allows us all to grow!

Sukkah Hop! Whilst we recommend watching all of this, if you want to skip to Talia click about 59 minutes in.

 God gave us this world to look after and we have a responsibility to invest in the future of the planet. It’s very much a Jewish concept.” So said the Chief Rabbi when he visited Sadeh Farm in ‘summer’ of 2021. This visit was also covered by: The Jewish chronicle covering the Chief Rabbi’s visit 

Covered the official opening of Sadeh Farmhouse, focussing on the fact that we serve kosher food – and are meat free.

After we refurbished the Farmhouse, we held an official opening, which the Guardian came, saw, and commented on.

Talia turns her hand to writing a farm-centred article for the Jewish Renaissance.

Picking up on the Pickles: An article in the Jewish Chronicle focuses on Lone Goat – a beer-brewing & pickle-making company based at Sadeh Farm in a rather symbiotic relationship.