Live tour with JVS

JVS LIVE: INSIDE THE UK’S FIRST JEWISH FARM WITH TALIA CHAIN   *Please note that this is an online event and will take place via Zoom. Our JVS Live series continues, this time with special guest Talia Chain, CEO and founder of the Sadeh Farm, the UK’s first Jewish farm and an environmentally-focussed retreat centre. Talia will give us a …

Sadeh’s virtual office

Calling all home workers!

Are you struggling without community while you sit at home, trying to work out how to get anything done? We have all been there in these times- and we are all trying to find our way through. For many who attended Sadeh’s most recent writing retreat, which took place online, it felt like a lifeline. Not just because we had a bit more structure in our lives, but also because we were able to work in community- each and every day, if we so wished.

Shavuot with Yelala

Shavuot Seder with Yelala Image: Le Rappel des Glaneuses (Calling in the Gleaners) Jules Breton, 1859 Shavuot Seder? Isn’t the Seder night a Passover thing? Ah but the Seder is such a fabulous, richly layered, joyful, multi-sensory and delicious ritual! So, Yelala is making a special adapted seder to celebrate Shavuot. Join us! Gather on Zoom to explore this festival …

Foraging in the summer

your morning will include: identifying plants, picking and trying wild food, creating with your foraged harvest and trying things foraged from different seasons 

lead BY Alex – Sadeh’s own head of perennials If you wish to bring a veggie packed lunch and eat it on our picnic tables you would be welcome.

Tikkun Leil

Shavuot is one of the three main Jewish harvest festivals. The tradition is to stay up all night learning, talking, singing and eating to remember the ancient story of how the Jewish people gathered at Sinai to receive the Torah

Cook First

Amelia Stewart, founder of Cook First (, is a cooking teacher, food writer and consultant.

Based on the concept that cooking is a positive and productive creative medium through which to tackle the challenges of life, Cook First aims to empower people by teaching them to cook simple, nutritious, wholesome meals, while also minimising food wastage.

Embracing Veganuary with Cook First

It can be hard being the only vegan in a family or a friendship group, particularly when you want to entertain. But being sociable while sticking to Veganuary has never been easier or more delicious! These two dishes will certainly impress your guests – and might even convert them to Veganism! So nutritious and sumptuous, they’ll never even realise they’ve eaten a purely plant-based meal.