Gather in song at sadeh

1-3rd December


There has been a rich thread of communal song woven throughout Jewish history; songs of devotion, of joy, of sorrow, of solidarity, resistance and justice. 

This retreat is an invitation to immerse ourselves in this tradition of Jewish communal singing, to build on it and make it our own.
We are really excited and honoured to be welcoming Batya Levine to guide us. Batya ‘uses song as a tool for cultivating healing and resilience in their work as a communal song leader, musician, shaliach tzibur (Jewish prayer leader) and cultural organizer’ in the USA. 
‘They believe in the liberatory power of song to untie what is bound within us, and sustain us as we build a more just and beautiful world’. 
Batya’s music has been foundational in our love of Jewish communal singing, perhaps yours too.
Come and gather in song with us, celebrate shabbat, rest and eat delicious food.
This retreat is open to all those who identify as Jewish, regardless of background or perceived singing ability. 

Please see the booking form at the bottom of the page to sign up. Spaces are limited! 

Multidenominational inclusivity statement
We are comitted to ensuring that this retreat is welcoming and inclusive to all Jewish-identifying individuals. This means that we have made certain decisions relating to Shabbat and Kosher catering.

Will I be able to keep Shabbat according to the United Synagogue’s definition?
For those who choose to keep Shabbat according to the United Synagogue’s definition we have made various arrangements.

  • We will allocate sleeping arrangements which will enable you to have the autonomy to set up lighting, bathroom amenities and use of electronics in a way that does not compromise your faith.
  • There will be a dedicated space for the use of musical instruments, all other rooms will be free from musical instruments during the entirety of Shabbat.
  • Lighting of candles, taking of (KLBD Kosher) wine and Challah, and the Havdallah service, will all be facilitated and embraced. Attendance will be open and encouraged for everyone.

Will I be able to keep Kosher according to the KLBD’s definition?
This retreat will be catered by a vegan organisation. They do not cook food which is considered KLBD kosher. For those who would like to opt out of this dining option:

  • We have included a space on our sign-up form where you can indicate that you would like us to provide KLBD Snacks and drinks outside of mealtimes which will be served throughout the day along with other non-Kosher refreshments.
  • A separate space in our kitchens will be provided for the storage and preparation of meals.

There are a number of options of cost for the weekend to allow for those of varying financial means to attend. 

Usually we would be able to offer a lower cost for our retreats. However, given the cost of bringing Batya from the USA, we are needing to rely more on participant fees to cover the costs.
We are grateful to you for paying what you can afford. Those able to pay more will enable those needing supported cost tickets to attend.

There is a sliding scale of $75-$300 (further info on the booking form)