SADEH VOLUNTEERING DAY Come and join us in the field for our new weekly volunteering day! Help us tend to the vegetable garden and learn all about our wonderful community growing space. You will learn growing skills, meet likeminded people and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Every Thursday from 9:30am til… Read More »WEEKLY VOLUNTEERING

Lights in the dark

APPLY HERE 3rd-5th December at Sadeh Come and gather with us by candlelight under the new moon to celebrate the final days of Chanukah. We will light candles and fires and join together to be close to the land and explore the many offerings of… Read More »Lights in the dark

Lady Cynthia’s lover: Schmutz

SOLD OUT A queer, Jewish eco-art retreat for the rest of us.  DetailsNovember 19-21st at Sadeh Farm, Orpington, Kent.  With art, music and performance workshops responding to themes of Judaism, queerness and nature, run by Dex Grodner (aka, Chanukah Lewinsky), painter/sculptor Yael Roberts and cantor Rokhl… Read More »Lady Cynthia’s lover: Schmutz