Lady Cynthia’s lover: Schmutz


A queer, Jewish eco-art retreat for the rest of us. 

November 19-21st at Sadeh Farm, Orpington, Kent. 

With art, music and performance workshops responding to themes of Judaism, queerness and nature, run by Dex Grodner (aka, Chanukah Lewinsky), painter/sculptor Yael Roberts and cantor Rokhl Weston. 

No Jewish knowledge required. If this retreat’s contents resonate for you, then it’s for you!!

After almost two years  of isolation, often in urban environments, we want participants to feel a sense of expansiveness. We want the physical and emotional space to run around, be creative, have time with others and time apart. Two years ago we gathered at Sadeh in person. Last year we met online. We hope to come together for joy and play. 

Lady Cynthia’s Lover will not be an exhaustively busy retreat. We encourage rest. 

Lady Cynthia’s Lover is primal. She will lead you outside in the mud and the rain, help you connect with the changing of the seasons.

Lady Cynthia’s Lover celebrates ‘schmutz’ or ‘muck’, the fertile, messy elements of life.

Lady Cynthia’s Lover implores you to sing loudly. 

Lady Cynthia’s Lover is grieving. We’ve lost people, time together, opportunities and confidence.

Lady Cythia’s Lover embraces rage and sadness and healing. Lady Cynthia’s Lover offers art, land and community for processing and healing.

Lady Cynthia’s Lover is not therapy and demands both independence and mutual aid. 

Lady Cynthia’s Lover operates on both NOTAFLOF (No one turned away for lack of funds) and a solidarity system. We provide rooms, beautiful vegan food and artists paid a decent wage so please pay what you can to support access for all. 

Click through on the underlined links below to purchase. We recommend:

Unwaged £50
Waged £75 
Well waged £150

If you would like to set up a payment scheme or pay an amount different to these email The payments are made in dollars due to Moishe House’s ticketing system.

Food/ Accommodation
Sadeh provides rooms on site. You will be sharing a room. If you are coming with a friend or partner who you wish you share a room or bed with please email
All food will be vegan and KLBD certified. Please email with any further dietary requirements. This retreat will involve workshops both in and outdoors (weather permitting) and will always require mutual aid. Speak to us about your access needs.

All attendees must take a PCR or Lateral Flow test within 48 hours of attending the retreat. Rooms can be shared specifically within your bubble but sessions may be outside. 

Travel Info
The closest station is Orpington station. More details here.
Sponsored by Moishe House retreatology and Sadeh