Our willow is

Organic, local, regenerative

We grow willow for biodiversity, for beauty and for building structures.

Willow (salix) grows best in deep, moist but well-drained soil in full sun. Some varieties like to grow in very damp soil, near water. The best way to grow willows to to take a hardwood cutting , plant it a foot into the ground and keep it well watered. We mulch (cover the soil around the plant) with newspaper, cardboard or woodchip to keep the plants moist and free from weeds. Ever year we cut the willow back to the shape and structure we want. We keep the cuttings to grow more willow from. It is definitely a plant that keeps on giving.

Willow makes great fences, structures, dens and even chairs or play structures if you are feeling more adventurous. The best time to plant willow is winter to spring time.