Talia Chain
Farm Manager
Talia attended the Adamah Fellowship at the Isabella Freedman Centre (Jewish farm/environmental centre) in Spring 2014. The experience was spiritually invigorating and environmentally enlightening. It motivated Talia to create a similar programme in the UK so others may engage with such a transformative style of Judaism which has environmentalism at its heart. Talia therefore set up Sadeh farm in January 2017 where she teaches Jewish environmental education and spends a lot of time weeding, planting and harvesting. Talia also founded a charity supporting survivors of human trafficking, The charity runs large scale artistic events and funds survivors living in the UK to reintegrate into society
Danielle Oxenham
Danielle comes from multicultural family and is rooted strongly in her Jewish heritage. Raised in the diverse city of London, she is passionate about bringing communities together, connecting with one’s cultural background and the surrounding environment. She is particularly interested in the transactions of food heritage within community and family and is a budding ‘food story’ collector. With experience in the speciality coffee industry, Danielle identifies the significance of celebrating the journey that our food takes from seed to table. Actively engaged in working with young people, ranging from Jewish movement work to advocacy for young refugees she hopes to further this engagement, connecting with her current degree in Occupational Therapy.
Liv Barnett
Business Development Manager
Rachel Rose Reid
Spiritual educator
Rachel's work encompasses story, ancestry, and community. She is a founding resident of Moishe House London and the first woman in Europe to be ordained by the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute. She works to support those who seek a Jewishly-rooted, embodied, earth centred spirituality. Rachel has been a guest facilitator from Wilderness Torah to Burning Man. As co-caretaker of Grassroots Jews 2016, she focused on integrating spirituality, conscious communication, and emotional wellbeing into the organisational model of a volunteer-run community. Rachel studied Permaculture Design with Patrick Whitefield. Her 'Willesden Green Wassail' has been praised by the Lonely Planet as one of the UK's most inspiring winter events, reinventing an ancient English custom in a multicultural city neighbourhood.
Alex Sylvester
Farm manager. Part Tree. Head of Perennials, composting and general educator!
Alex is a lover of the natural world, permaculture, foraging and tasty vegan food. He was a Green Apprentice at Kibbutz Lotan and set up the Green Gym in Watford, a practical conservation project with environmental charity BTCV. He developed a passion for forest gardening through several community projects, including Edible Landscapes London. Alex attended Sadeh’s first Jewish Farm week in 2017 and found a refreshing space to connect with fellow Jews in an earthy way. He has been volunteering regularly since 2018 and is now a Farm Fellow, co-managing the land, creating gardens and wildlife habitat and running environmental educational for visiting groups. He is very proud to have won the vegan cheesecake competition last Shavuot. Alex is excited to see Sadeh growing into a valuable resource for the Jewish and wider community, demonstrating and creating alternatives for the future.
Jessica Knight
Artist in Residence
Jessica refers to herself as a writer and artist for the purposes of tax, small talk, and taxing small talk. She finds both meditation and vegan-eating useful to provide the buoyancy necessary to engage with such weighty topics as ‘Why can’t we stop killing-slash-destroying-slash-exploiting-peoples-and-places?’ Having spent time sharing an artist studio at Platform Southwark in London, and alone in a room writing stuff that (mostly) rhymes in Berlin, Jessica began a residency at Sadeh farm in March 2019. Living in and creating from this space will contribute to her ability to use her writing and art to engage with and articulate her thoughts and experiences. Website coming soon!
Josh Charig
chief fermenter
For the past 5 years, Josh has worked as a technical SEO analyst for agencies and in house, which has given him an important skill to help business gain more traffic to their websites. Using this, and his passion for helping the environment, he is helping create the website for the Sadeh and looks forward to growing the farm in the future. Josh is also a passionate home brewer.
Joel Clark
Head Baker
Journalist by day, baker by night, Joel is a believer in the power of bread to bring people together – both in the baking and the eating. Raised entirely on homemade bread, he bakes bread on a religious/obsessional basis and led Sadeh’s inaugural sourdough class in 2017. Taking only the most basic ingredients of bread – flour, water and salt – and disposing with all of the preservatives and additives can yield magical results, and Joel is committed to bringing homemade bread to Sadeh and Skeet House diners as often as possible.
Nataly Raab
Community builder
Nataly is a specialist in community engagement and sustainable design. With a background in architecture, she has worked, studied and travelled in Europe and South America with communities of different scales to empower them to change and influence their built environment. She is passionate about sustainability, in particular experimenting with natural and recycled materials and has worked on various mud and cob construction projects. Having written her master thesis on methods of interdisciplinary design, Nataly is fascinated by the power and benefit of bringing people from different backgrounds together, she loves to facilitate these dialogues - and speaking four languages also helps!
Gabrielle Gershuny
Gabi Gershuny is a London-based artist and writer. Her work aims to place creativity at the centre of raising awareness about and inspiring action on environmental issues, with the belief that art can help visualise and materialise a more balanced world. As well as freelance illustration work, she is currently Research and Editorial Assistant for Human Nature environmental art platform, and recently co-founded Anthropo.cine, an environmental film night in New Cross, London. Her own artwork is content-led, but she mostly works with drawing and painting. Read more about Human Nature’s work: Check out her work at Sadeh here
Deana Gershuny
Deana is currently a final year medical student. She was one of the 2016 Spring farming fellows at the Adamah Organic Farm, Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Centre. She loves being outdoors, connecting with the land and with others, experimenting with earthy grassroots spiritual Judaism and always trying to live in evermore sustainable ways. She is passionate about pursuing a holistic approach to healthcare, interested in integrative medicine and the health benefits of living sustainably and in community. A big fan of being in the mountains, hiking, doing yoga, rock climbing, vegan food, growing, foraging, reading and learning.