Our Impact

Since 2018, we have successfully facilitated hundreds of unique touchpoints for Jewish youth, which we intend to develop and grow in the coming years. We run activities throughout the year for approximately 500 Jewish young people outside of the guesthouse activities each year.  The activities… Read More »Our Impact

A volunteer dumping a black bucket of compost into the chicken coop. Our rooster Georgie who is black and gold is getting into the bin


SADEH VOLUNTEERING DAY Come and join us in the field for our new weekly volunteering day! Help us tend to the vegetable garden and learn all about our wonderful community growing space. You will learn growing skills, meet likeminded people and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Every Thursday from 9:30am til… Read More »WEEKLY VOLUNTEERING

Who are our land volunteers and artists?

Check out a few of our alumni volunteer’s stories.