Who are our current

Land Volunteers

Hi, I’m Talia! I graduated from university this year with a degree in Applied Terrestrial & Marine Ecology. Apart from being a newly-fledged ecologist, I also keep doves, dabble in art, and play the accordion (badly).
Why are you volunteering at Sadeh?
I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do after university anyway but, as I’m sure has been the case for many people, coronavirus added an extra layer of uncertainty and difficulty for me. While I was looking for ideas about what to do next, by chance I came across an advert for a volunteer at Sadeh. Two things in life that I love and am passionate about are the natural world and Judaism. So Sadeh, with its emphasis on sustainability informed by Jewish values, really appealed to me.

Your fave thing about volunteering here?
It’s so hard to pick just one thing! I love that the work we do here is pretty varied and feels meaningful, and that Sadeh has successfully created an environment where it’s ok to do what you can do, to rest when you need to, and to ask for help. Also, I really appreciate that we get plenty of opportunities to work on our own projects, to rest, to socialise, and to just enjoy our time here.

Any advice?
If you’re considering applying to volunteer at Sadeh, I couldn’t recommend it enough! Just make the most of your time here and enjoy it – it goes so quickly!

Talia reed

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Hi! I am Ronni, 28 years old and originally from Manchester. Why are you volunteering at Sadeh? I’m here because I am looking to understand how my concern for the environment, search for community and Judaism can fit together. Turns out that Sadeh is exactly the place to figure that and many other things out.

Your fave thing about volunteering here? My favourite part of living at Sadeh so far has to be approaching the Volunteer Kitchen early in the morning, when the mist is still low and the dew is glistening on the field. Glossy spider webs hanging everywhere and a day of fruitful work and discussion up ahead.

Any advice? My advice to anyone who is considering volunteering at Sadeh is simple, come with an open mind for endless puns and you will find paradise is really out there in the fields.


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This is Jonny aka homesteader extrodinaire

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Who are our current

Artists in Residence?

Zia Lightning (they/them) is a queer trans femme artist from Chicago via Bristol and Guatemala. Coming from a background of performance art and event production, their current work is exploring queer Jewish mythology through video game design. They are so excited to be an Artist-Sometimes-in-Residence at Sadeh!

Zia Lightning

Find them online at behance.net/zialightning and @LightningZia on Twitter
Support them on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/zialightning