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Seasonal reflections

Late winter is the perfect time for tree work, whilst they still stand dormant, their sap not yet rising nor the nesting season underway. We have been creating a barrier of living hazel trees behind the tennis court – to foil dogs trying to escape or locals thinking of venturing in. This is the ancient art of hedge laying – cutting small trees almost all the way until they start to split and then laying them down at a slight upward angle.


It was a Monday lunchtime, what feels like a long, long time ago. The sky was blue, the grass green and the hedges bursting with blackberries and damsons. Since that confusing day, approximately 5 months have gone by.

Marina’s top tips

Hi I’m Marina, an Aquarius who works in TV, and this year I am pledging to try my darned best to help save the Planet. For those who feel overwhelmed with the climate change crisis, and need some tangible tips to start those first steps towards feeling, living, and breathing better – whilst saving the planet…this one’s for you.

Seasonal reflections

Sunlight moves through plants and they grow. Water flows down from the hills and replenishes the sea. The humble earthworms drag down leaves and feed the soil.

Community culture

The universal quality of getting together over food should not be underestimated. We break bread, or pickles, for celebrations across cultures.

Love your gut

Fermented foods have been proven over and again as a tool to support and promote gut health. “Every system of our body is related to gut bacteria: digestion, immune function, brain function, thinking and all of that,” Sandor Katz says.