Our story

Who is at Sadeh? We have an onsite community, a brewery and pickle kitchen, an immersive volunteering programme, a community cafe and much more!

Sadeh is a place of rich history

The Jewish community have been visiting the farm since the 1940s, when the Jewish Youth Fund purchased the site for The Brady Boys’ Club as a place of respite from the difficulties and dangers of life in the war-torn East End of London. However the house was originally part of Lullingstone Castle which is just across the local golf course and dates back more than 400 years. 


Bryan Cross

Facilities Manager

Talia Chain


Chantal Rutter

Office Manager

Alex Sylvester

Land Manager

Jessica Marie Knight

Head of Creative

Josh Charig

Lone Goat Brewing co

Alfie, Biffo, Archie + Pesto

Farm dogs

Our Trustees

Julia Chain, Chair

Phil Gershuny

Danielle Oxenham

Philippa Strauss

Jessica Robinson

Benny Chain

Our latest posts

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Lights in the dark

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Lady Cynthia’s lover: Schmutz

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Seasonal reflections

Late winter is the perfect time for tree work, whilst they still stand dormant, their sap not yet rising nor the nesting season underway. We have been creating a barrier of living hazel trees behind …