Check out a few of our alumni volunteer’s stories.

Jo’s recipes

I can’t think of sukkot without stuffed cabbage. A warm little parcel to keep you snug in the sukkah is a household classic.

Seasonal reflections

Looking to the future, we aspire towards more off-grid low-impact living, e.g. with compost toilets and woodburners. So we will need to plant more trees to sustainably harvest firewood from the land. And plans are afoot for a constructed wetland system, which would be a big attraction for local wildlife.

Cafe manager

About Sadeh Sadeh is an independent community farm and retreat space committed to looking after our planet. We have a vegetable garden, orchard, woodland and meadow promoting biodiversity and local food growing as well as an obstacle course and tennis court promoting recreation and sports. … Read More »Cafe manager

Seasonal reflections

With the heady days of summer almost a distant memory and Rosh Hashanah fast approaching, it is time to reflect on the past season at Sadeh.

Lady Cynthia’s long distance lover

This queer, Jewish art retreat will be spaced over the four Sunday mornings in October so bring a large cup of coffee and be prepared to get creative.