Activities and workshops


We run all sorts of activities – here are just a few to get started. Please get in touch if you have small or big groups and would like to participate in our workshops.


FZY youth group: “The kids really enjoyed getting active and dirty. It is a great way to educate about Judaism and agriculture. At the end of the activity we planted an olive tree, it was a great feeling to leave something behind and contribute to the farm. Thank you very much!”

New North London Synagogue: “36 children from NNLS came to work at Sadeh over Tu B’Shevat. We had an incredible time learning in a really hands on way about farming and the environment. Our children came back championing the values of composting, articulating their views on deforestation, singing songs about their connection with the earth and being proud of their physical exertions on the farm.

Talia’s passion and enthusiasm ignited the children’s imagination and it was wonderful to watch their connection with the land grow. We had Shacharit in the snow, planted our Havdalah herbs and we are all keen to return and watch our seeds and our fig tree grow.”

JCOSS school: “Sadeh provided our students with a meaningful, creative and memorable experience that incorporated informal education with environmental issues. Thank you Sadeh!”

Participant: ” The kids really enjoyed themselves. I really admire what you are doing.”