The Science of the WET system

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Soil sampling

We will be taking soil samples before, during and after the WET system is put in at Sadeh. This is to show the improvements the WET system makes to our soils in terms of nutrients and biodiversity. Soil is extremely precious as we need it to grow our food and billions of tons a year of good soil is washed off our shores. The WET system not only helps us keep all our soil onsite but it is a actually regenerates our soils.

Our first soil sampling 09/02/2020

Professor Benny Chain

Brought test tubes down to Sadeh during the peak of storm Ciara. There was only one train running from London and he managed to get on it! We dodged the fallen trees on Skeet Hill Lane and managed to get up to the farm.

Alex and Sam

Took a corer (it looks like a very long apple corer) and one row of test tubes each. There are 8 rows with 6 points to sample from on each row. Benny and Talia took another corer and set of test tubes.

Battling the winds

We managed to take all 48 of our first soil samples. They are now nice and snug in a freezer set at - 80 degrees to keep them fresh before being analysed by Dr Lena Ciric.