The beers for our up coming supper club

Food Pairing Beers

One of the reasons I wanted to put on this food pairing was to introduce the Sadeh community to some less common beers. As the craft beer world becomes increasingly saturated with only a handful of styles, it can be difficult to find truly different beers from those which push the boundaries to the historical recipes making a comeback.


Sour beers are becoming increasingly popular which has led to this ancient, almost forgotten, style making a resurgence. German in origin, it’s an ale with mild sourness brewed with saltwater and often with coriander or other herb or fruit. Very refreshing on a hot day and a good drink to start a meal.


Another German beer, this is a crisp lager with a smokey taste, often made with Saaz hops which give the beer an added spice and lemon flavour which mixes well with the smoke.

California Common

Originating in California, this is a lager fermented at warmer temperatures. Caramalts give this beer a darker colour and add a caramel sweetness to the malt profile, and is offset with a balanced bitterness. Less heavy than a rauchpils, perfect to drink with a main course.

Imperial Chocolate Orange Stout

Whilst a stout is nothing out the ordinary, it’s often thought of as a difficult and heavy black beer, whereas the reality is very different. Stouts are incredibly versatile allowing for the greatest variation of flavours and textures than other styles of beer. A category native to London with many variations, this pairs excellently with dessert due to its dominant chocolate and coffee flavours, and in this case added orange. At 10% ABV, it’s a beer to sip and savor.

All these styles are paired with a course which accentuates the flavours. The food is designed around the beers; it can take months for beers to be made whereas a meal needs a day. Try them all at Goatshed and see how they pair with Cali-Mex style cooking.

Spaces are limited so get your tickets soon