Sukkah party

Sunday 8th October, Sukkot Chol Hamoed

learn about bees
Sadeh farmers market
Sukkot crafts
Swimming pool
Adventure playground
and lots more...


11.20 - 12.00:

GAMES ROOM: Challah braiding,  Sadeh community booklet making, Sukkot decorations making (this will be in the Sukkah if nice weather)

ON THE FARM: Farm tour. Learn about Sadeh farm, how we build our beds and grow delicious veggies

12 - 1:

GAMES ROOM: Sadeh community booklet making, Sukkot decorations making, beer tasting with local craft brewer

COSY ROOM: Jess Gold will be running a family friendly sing a long with songs about the Earth! See more of her work here and  Sukkah decorations making in the Sukkah!

ON THE FARM: Get to grips with your environment. Katy Neale will be leading a foraging walk round the site showing you which of the wild plants and trees you can eat!

1 - 2:

Lunch and Farm Shop


COSY ROOM: The Bee man. We love Bees at Sadeh. David Rea, our local bee man, shares the wonders of these wonderful creatures. Come and try some of his local honey.

GAMES ROOM: Sadeh community booklet making

ON THE FARM: Meet farmer Talia, Alex & Josh for time on the farm. Come and get your hands dirty.


GAMES ROOM: Pickling: Come and make your own Sauerkraut, Sadeh community booklet making 

ON THE FARM: Meet farmer Talia, Alex & Josh for time on the farm. Come and get your hands dirty


Timetable Explained

Sadeh Community Booklet making:  bring recipes, design your own border and come and help us create a Sadeh community booklet filled with your recipes, poems, stories and drawings

Spend time with Sadeh farmers: getting a little muddy and honing your vegetable growing skills by planting garlic, weeding the Orchard and clearing beds to prepare the farm for winter - no experience needed

Pickling: Make your own Sauerkraut and seasonal pickles! We will be bringing jars but bring more of your own if you want to take more home!

Beer tasting: Craft brewer Josh will be hosting a beer tasting well you can try a variety of styles (not suitable for the driver!)

Farm shop: Come and buy some Sadeh grown produce, Jam and locally produced honey

Sukkah Decorations: Help make Sadeh's Sukkah beautiful by coming to our Sukkah crafts workshop with Nataly 

Challah braiding: Come and play with dough and learn to braid Challah which we will then bake! 

Jess Gold: Our superstar singer educator Jess Gold will be doing a performance where everyone is encouraged to participate! Have a look at her amazing work here


Lots of Sukkot activities and more included in the day