Spring Writing Retreat

Calling all writers!

Are you struggling with writing a dissertation, a play, a song, a novel, a job application, or any other kind of writing? Whatever it is that you are writing or thinking about writing, doing so with distractions is the hardest thing.

Sadeh is an idyllic Jewish farm that is open to all. At our writing retreat we can offer you a relaxing space to be creative for an entire week- escaping all the things in daily life that get in the way. Everything will be tailored so that you can focus on your writing and share it with others if you wish to.  There will be meditation and other workshops (TBC) to help you to improve your writing- and you will be setting goals for the week and for each day that you are at Sadeh. There’s accommodation, a swimming pool, dogs, and food is included. What more could you want? By the end of the retreat, you are sure to have written more than you would elsewhere.

If you can offer something to the community workshop wise, let us know! Can you teach yoga? Offer a workshop in poetry writing? We’d love to hear from you.

We know that not all writers are gainfully employed, and that’s why we have a sliding scale of payment. All of these costs are lower than the cost of running the retreat, so if you are able to donate more than the full price then please do. You can also come up for three days if you want to- but to really see the benefits of the retreat we would recommend coming for the whole 5 days.

5 DAY RETREAT - price

PRICE: 200 pounds

LOW INCOME : 150 pounds

UNWAGED : 100 pounds

3 DAY RETREAT - price

PRICE: 130 pounds

LOW INCOME: 85 pounds

UNWAGED: 70 pounds


I’m not a writer, can I still come?

Yes! Pick something you’ve always wanted to write- a poem or a short story perhaps- and come along. More experienced writers should be able to help you and we will be splitting into groups at different points throughout the week to discuss our work.

Where will I be sleeping?

In a bed in a dormitory. There are different dorms where people of all genders can feel comfortable.

What will I need to bring?

Your laptop, a notebook and pen, towels, a sleeping bag, toiletries, clothes, and your fine self.

Is there really a swimming pool?

Yes! And it’s 32 degrees warm 😀

How Jewish is this retreat?

The retreat is open to all, but it is on a Jewish farm. There will be some Jewish elements to the week, which are totally voluntary. We will have a non-traditional Friday night service and Havdalah, the ending of Shabbat.

Is there WiFi access?

Yes. But it won’t be fast - plan to use as little of the internet as possible- come with the intention to write without the distraction of being online.

Will there be food?

Yes - we will be coming together in community to cook and nourish each other