Shavuot 2019

TIKKUN LEIL - THE JEWISH ALL-NIGHTER 8th-9th June in collaboration with Yelala

Services and ritual

The services will be a weave of chanting, meditation, experiential practice, storytelling and bibliodrama. All food will be kosher and vegan. On Shabbat and Chag, there will be no use of electricity, phones and other devices in public spaces.  There will be drumming as part of services and other ritual observances.

The Tikkun Leil will start at 9pm and we will make Havdalah together (Havdalah marks the end of the Sabbath with fire, scents and songs)

Shavuot is one of the three main Jewish harvest festivals. The tradition is to stay up all night learning, talking, singing and eating to remember the ancient story of how the Jewish people gathered at Sinai to receive the Torah

Shavuot day will consist of walks, meals, singing, alternative services, peace and parades. There is also an option to stay an extra day if you keep two days of Yom Tov. For those who are Shomer shabbat, there is also the option to come on Friday and share our Shabbat with us.


We will be providing food, snacks, sessions, beds and fun! We will send packing lists nearer the time.