Sadeh on the road

Sadeh can travel to you to run workshops, talks, activities and supper clubs. See a few of our workshops below.

House plants workshop

How to keep your house plants happy! No experience in keeping any plants alive needed. Learn about why you might be killing your Pothos, where to put your Ficus to make it thrive and how to take cuttings from your friends' plants so you don't have to buy them yourself. During this class you will get to know what house plants might be right for your location. No experience necessary!

We love plant  chat so after the class please feel free to email with questions.  The class is 1.5 hours and £25. The fee includes refreshments and cuttings to take home with you.

Fermenting workshops

From sauerkraut to cider, come and get into the science of fermentation. We will show you how to pickle the tastiest carrot and harvest wild yeast for your beers. We do a range of fermentation workshops to suit age, class size and knowledge. We will show you how salt can transform a vegetable into a crunchy, tasty snack that can last through the seasons with increased nutrients. We will talk pickling and politics - how fermentation is needed to  preserve and why that is important in our current food climate. Have a bit of fermented beans and take a jar of whatever we make home with you.

Prices depend on the class

Supper clubs

Sadeh has run a series of supper clubs and is looking forward to 2020's delicious get togethers. The chef and master brewer come up with seasonal and flavourful combinations of food and beer. Where possible the food is harvested from Sadeh but is always organic, locally sourced and bursting with taste. Check out our previous Supper clubs on our facebook album.

More info on the next supper club coming asap!