Rest and Renewal festival

Reflect, renew, refresh: An innovative way to approach the Jewish new year through connection with the land, traditions and community.

The Sadeh will be your sanctuary. There will be storytelling, song, massage, music, natural remedy making, mindful ecology and Rosh Hashanah preparation with non traditional Taschlich and more. Full timetable coming soon.

Tickets are very subsidised by the Schusterman Foundation at £50 for camping and £60 for sleeping in the dorms. The true cost of the event is £135 per person. If you feel you would like to pay more towards the tickets, this money will go to subsidise future events which are not grant funded for those that need it.

More info on the timetable:

"Divine cycles + Permaculture principles"

In the 10th week of her "Blood & Power Tour: A Jewitch's Ancestral Pilgrimage" the womb wisdom keeper, activist & educator Samantha Zipporah joins us to offer presentation & discussion exploring the answers to the following questions & more:
  • How are the cycles of the moon, earth, & womb related?  What does this have to do with the Jewish High Holy Days & the Wheel of The Year?
  • What does the menstrual cycle have to teach us, especially non-menstruating people, about divine creative energy?
  • How can we apply the ethics & principles of permaculture to the cycles of our fertility & menstruation? How is fertility awareness an embodied practice of permaculture principles? 
  • What are some practical lifestyle choices, foods, plant medicines, & healing rituals that support healthy cycles?
  • Wtf is a Jewitch?
Samantha Zipporah is a practical & radical medicine woman. She serves her curiosity & community by offering love & education for navigating the womb continuum. Sam has been tracking her menstrual cycle for 21 years & her ovulation for 14. She has taught sex ed classes for youths,  adults, & practitioners, been a doula for birth, abortion, miscarriage, & infant loss. Her approach is grounded in a solid understanding of biochemistry & biology, & nourished by playfulness, sass, & reverent spirituality.

Sam offers guidance & education to folks all over the world via video chat, e-books, & online courses. She also teaches live classes & retreats. 

To learn more about Sam & her work please visit her at

Relax and Refresh with an Anna Lawton massage

There are only limited spaces so please email if you would like a massage. It is first come first serve basis and you can pay using cash or card.

1. Full body £45
2. Stressed area (ie legs and feet / hands and arms / back and shoulders) £25
3. Head and neck £20
Massage sessions will be booked in advance and we have a card reader so can accept either cash or card!

Mindful ecology

Spend some time on Sadeh farm discovering different plant species, insects and all sorts of living things. Help us build an understanding of what lives at Sadeh and what we would love to bring in. 

Natural remedies

Give a bit of love to your body with some easy to make at home face masks, balms etc. We will wonder round Sadeh collecting our ingredients first so you will be able to see what is growing and how to use it.