Mama Spirit Fest

We are inviting new-ish mums and young women who want to learn about the Jewish/spirituality of motherhood for a relaxing retreat at the beautiful sanctuary of Sadeh in Skeet Hill House with special guest educators Yelala (Kohenet Rachel Rose Reid and Kohenet Yael Tischler). Featuring a crèche, massages, delicious vegan food, a special mothers and baby swimming pool and much more!

Alongside nurturing our participants, we are busting myths about motherhood, exploring the light and darkness of creating life, and learning about the ancient spiritual lives and practise of our Jewish matriarchs in a beautiful countryside setting of Kent.

Before Shabbat starts, we will offer relaxing activities and opportunities for our participants to meet each other. On Saturday we focus on the spirituality of motherhood, leading up to a havdallah ceremony with a special mikvah ritual, led by Hebrew Priestesses Rachel and Yael . This ceremony is an opportunity of embodied empowerment to the deep transition of motherhood and we will ask our participants to disrobe as much as they are comfortable to do so to fully embrace this. We will also give you plenty of time to rest, relax, dance, sing and swim, with or without your child.

When applying please let us know what your childcare needs are so we can organise our crèche accordingly. Our crèche will cater to a nursery age but we also aim to be flexible. This retreat also welcomes women on the threshold of motherhood or if you're just curious to learn more about the mama spirit!


£75, including all meals, accommodation, activities and childcare. We are supported and subsidised by Moishe House, the true price would be much more.
We don’t want the price to deter anyone away from this retreat - so please email us directly if you need a subsidy.

Friday 15th November: late morning arrival between 10.30-11.30am
Sunday 17th: Brunch time finish

Skeet hill house
Skeet Hill Lane
BR6 7QD Orpington, Bromley, United Kingdom

Skeet house has a number of dorm rooms filled with comfortable bunk beds. Depending on your infant and amount of participants, you may be asked to share a room with another participant or two. If you have someone in mind you would like to share a dorm with, just let us know!

Babes in arms welcome, and some onsite childcare will be available, so please let us know if you are hoping to bring your baby or child with you. When applying you will need to tell us your childcare needs.

Please note too that participants will need to bring any other sleeping, changing mat or entertainment resources for their infants.

This retreat is for people who self-identify as women/femmes.
We welcome trans-women, cis-women, intersex women and people who are female-bodied and identify as gender non-conforming, gender variant, gender fluid and gender queer.

General activities will largely be conducted on the ground floor which is wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair accessible bedrooms and bathrooms are available. Sadeh currently does not have hearing loops. We will endeavour to support all who wish to attend.

More Information About Our Facilitators

Kohenet Rachel Rose Reid and Kohenet Yael Tischler are the first women based outside of North America to be ordained by the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute. They are the co-founders of Yelala, a constellation of work that celebrates Earth-centred, feminist Jewish spirituality and proclaims he practices of our women/female and folk ancestors. They are ritual-weavers, and spinners of songs and stories.

Yael is passionate about the power of myth to heal and transform individuals, communities and the world. Her work is the making, breaking and remaking of stories into immersive ritual experiences for the sake of personal and political liberation. She holds a BA in Tanakh (Bible) from the Jewish Theological Seminary. She has facilitated ritual, devotion and educational workshops at the Open Talmud Project, the Sadeh Jewish Farm and various Jewish communities throughout London. She will receive full ordination as a Kohenet (Hebrew Priestess) in August 2019.

Rachel's work encompasses story, song, community activism, and ritual. She was a founding resident of Moishe House London. Whether holding space at Sukkat Shalom, Limmud South Africa, Wilderness Torah, or the Sadeh, her priority is the renewal of meaningful, living connection with Jewish-rooted spiritual practice and ancestors, in particular for those who struggle to find themselves reflected in institutional spaces. She is an award-winning writer and storyteller who has worked with Billy Bragg, BBC Radio and the London Symphony Orchestra.

Rooted in Jewish values, Sadeh Farm promotes positive environmental change through cultivation of the land and environmental education.

This event is made possible by Moishe House and organised by Sarah Kendal and Gabriela Pomeroy.