Loose Parts – The Beers

This August Sadeh will be host to a one-of-a-kind music collaboration event for the weekend of the 9th. Of course with any event there’ll be beer, and there’s only one thing better than brewing beer: serving it from my Lone Goat heavy metal bar.

“What are we having?” I hear you ask. Don’t worry, it’s fairly normal. Instead of imperial stouts and salty sours there’ll be far more sessionable yet still tasty brews.

My first beer is a Vienna lager, named after the Vienna base malt which makes up the majority of its grain bill. Crisp and malty like a regular pilsner, this malt also provides a bigger biscuity flavour along with hints of nuts and a beautiful amber colour. This is made with a lager yeast (wy2124 if anyone is interested) fermented at room temperature, technically making this a Common beer.

With the hot weather we’ve had recently, “room temperature” has been pretty warm and I was expecting a clove bomb on my first trial from the fermenter. This yeast has performed really well and left a clean taste (so far).

Second is an oatmeal stout. Oats are added to give the beer a smoother mouthfeel, and whilst oats were pretty much reserved for stouts and porters, it’s increasingly common to see them in pale ales too. As of writing this is still fermenting, so difficult to know exactly how it will turn out, but will have chocolate and coffee flavours along with dark fruits. This will be kegged.

Third and finally is an IPA. Fermenting away still, so again hard to know the exact final flavours, but crammed full of Cascade and Centennial it should have a big citrus fruit hit, with some fuggles to give the beer a rounded earthiness. This has been fermented with a kveik yeast mostly due to its ability to ferment a beer in three days!

Come down to Loose Parts at Sadeh on August 9th – 11th and try these beers at the heavy metal bar.