Sadeh farming week 2020

Sadeh Farm Week

This is your chance to get to know Sadeh farm, meet new friends, eat tasty farm food and learn how to work the land.

The team

Talia Chain

The CEO and founder of Sadeh farm

Rachel Rose Reid

Kohenet Rachel is the first British woman to be ordained by the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute.  She facilitates Jewish-rooted life cycle rituals  for Jewish and multi-faith settings, and has established Yelala! [meaning a loud cry of grief, rage or joy] which runs retreats and opportunities for embodied connection.

Alex Sylvester

Alex is a lover of the natural world, plant names, permaculture, foraging and tasty vegan food.  As a Sadeh Farm Manager he is co-managing the land, creating gardens, wildlife habitats and running environmental educational for visiting groups. Alex is excited to see Sadeh growing into a valuable resource for the Jewish and wider community, demonstrating and creating alternatives for the future.