Hosting an Eco-Friendly Party


  • Reusable plates, napkins, flatware and cups.  If your party’s guest list is small, definitely opt for reusable party supplies to cut down on waste. If you want to avoid using breakable crockery, buy a set of plates and cups that are reusable and durable.
  • Recycling bins.  No matter what, make sure you have recycling bins readily available.  In fact, you should also have a clearly labelled recycling bin next to every trash can. Maybe label your trash bin 'Landfill' and don't provide anything that can go into this bin!
  • Purchase in bulk—2-liter bottles in lieu of cans, and other “bulk” buys as opposed to individually-packaged, make a huge difference.  Cut down on your plastic and metal consumption when you buy in bulk.
  • Think locally and cook seasonally.  When you purchase local produce and ingredients, you’re making a positive difference in carbon emissions.  When you cook seasonally, you’re making a positive difference in greenhouse gas emissions.  Incorporate both practices for a truly green party.
  • Use tupperware instead of the awful clingfilm. (Sometimes I just put plates as lids on pots!)
  • Use living centerpieces.  Where some would incorporate freshly-cut flowers, consider using a living potted plant as part of your décor.  If you don’t want to keep the plant at the end of the party, simply give it away to one lucky party guest as a souvenir.
  • E-vite your guests.  Skip the paper invitations and go with an electronic invitation.  It definitely saves paper!
  • Food - the biggest thing you can do for your carbon footprint is minimise on meat and dairy products. Sadeh endorses a vegan, local & organic diet.