A perfect Rosh Hashanah gift

Skeet Hill's delicious honey is for sale


Just next door to Skeet Hill House lives our very own David the Bee man.

David and his Bee keeper friends have created the most delicious honey you have ever tasted.

These bees spend plenty of time at Sadeh farm pollinating our vegetables and fruits and collecting the nectar from the flowers which is then used to make Skeet Hill's honey.

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Support Skeet Hill's Honey bees and buy delicious, local, immune boosting, ethical honey this Rosh Hashanah




Skeet Hill Honey costs £7 and there is a limited amount so please email talia.chain@sadehfarm.co.uk if you would like a jar or 2. We have the runny variety and a few creamed honey jars. There are 2 ways to get your honey:

Jars will be for sale at Sadeh's festival The Sadeh warming 8-10th September 

I can drop them off to Golders Green on a date before Rosh Hashanah