Hen Nation

Jess is on a hunt for ethical eggs

I am doing my very best to be a vegan, but there is one brand of eggs that I occasionally buy - Hen Nation. The biggest difference between these eggs and normal ‘free range’ eggs is that they are far more free range than industry standards (which are not very free range or in any way ethical at all when you look into it), and they let hens live out their natural full life span, whereas hens are usually killed when they are no longer productive enough at 68 - 72 weeks old.

According to Hen Nation, “During the day we open the huge barn doors and they have the freedom to roam, scratch, dust bathe and climb walls in a 10 acre traditional hay meadow which they share with a small group of British native goats that we saved from slaughter in November 2012.”

You can buy them in Selfridges on Oxford Street, but you can also order them in bulk from Farmaround Organic - or not bulk if you also buy some of Farmaround’s veg.

I am not saying these eggs are vegan - 477 gallons of water are required to produce 1lb. of eggs (according to Cowspiracy) - but for an occasional shakshouka treat at £2.45 for a box of 6… eat the ethical and very reasonable Hen Nation eggs.


by Jess Nyman