Greening Your Home

Changing Energy Providers

Switching to a green energy provider is a giant step you can take with your consumer power, to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Good Energy and Ecotricity produce electricity and gas through renewable sources, such as wind, solar, the sea, organic material, and grass.

Smart Meters

Installing a smart meter allows you to gain total control of your usage and reduce your bills by connecting your thermostat to an app on your phone. This allows you to adjust your heating around your changing behaviour patterns easily from your phone. Check if your energy provider is rolling them out via the governments smart meter scheme.

Green Cleaning and Natural Remedies

Talia explores using soap nuts as laundry detergent 

The Women's Environment Network (WEN) guide to green household cleaning

The Independent's 10 best Eco Cleaners - if you don't was to make your own 


Zero Waste

Refill, recycling, reuse, reduce plastic

Take a step toward a zero waste lifestyle.  Lauren Singer and Bea Johnson have youtube channels and write fantastic blogs full of tips and tricks.




Reduce waste at landfill and add incredible nutrients for your garden soil.

Thames Water Freebies

Thames Water are giving away gadgets to help you save water and reduce your bill.