Lights in the Dark: Chanukah & Rosh Chodesh Retreat

Lights in the Dark: Chanukah and Rosh Chodesh retreat

 The Retreat 

As the winter solstice approaches, darkness creeps in to the days. The final days of Chanukah fall as the moon disappears, darkening the night sky. Join us then, as we move into the new lunar month of Tevet;  weaving light into the darkness, as our ancestors did, through the lights of our candles.

Our Sages spoke of Torah as having been written in black fire and white fire. The black ink of the letters, tradition tells us, stand before us as given. Behind those words, woven through the letters is the white fire of the scroll; the space around the words and between the letters. The space where the lost traditions hide and new traditions lurk.

At our beautiful farm Sadeh and with the help of Moishe House, Alexander Antoniou, Deana Gershuny, Kohenet Initiate Yael Tischler & Kohenet Rachel Rose Reid (Yelala), we will explore winter practises and ritual specific to the land we are on, we’ll dive into the stories and rituals of Chanukah and Rosh Chodesh (marking of the new Jewish month), partake in our own rituals, weave our voices together in song and nourishing conversation, warm ourselves with fire and delicious seasonal plant-based food and enquire how these themes of light and darkness manifest in our own lives; what would it mean for us to illuminate the darker parts of ourselves? How can we cultivate our own inner light?


Due to our funding, the majority of participants on the retreat will need to be in their 20s and 30s but we have some space for those falling outside of these age brackets so please apply!

Much of the content will draw from Judaism and we expect that the majority of participants will be of Jewish heritage. However, this is not a pre-requisite. If you are interested, please apply regardless of your background!

The retreat will cost £50. If this is a barrier for you please let us know.


Apply here:

 Date: 6th Dec - 9th Dec

 Time: 6.30pm Thursday 6th - 2pm Sunday 9th December

 Place: Sadeh farm, Skeet Hill House, Skeet Hill Lane, BR6 7QD

Applications Now Open

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