Loose Parts – The Beers

This August Sadeh will be host to a one-of-a-kind music collaboration event for the weekend of the 9th. Of course with any event there’ll be beer, and there’s only one thing better than brewing beer: serving it from my Lone Goat heavy metal bar.

Join our team

Skeet Hill House is the only kosher retreat centre in the UK. We focus on recreation, education and the environment in a Jewish context. Skeet hosts Sadeh farm, the UK’s Jewish farm which combines food growing and environmental awareness with Jewish traditions. We are looking for someone excited by our vision and product who is motivated to produce healthy, delicious …

Earthly Ruminations – On The Power Of Mulching

Wondering about soil . . . Isn’t soil amazing? This humble brown stuff under our feet that we disparagingly call `dirt’ can store huge volumes of water and reduce flooding, nourish the plants that feed us and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. Soil is a fascinating living breathing ecosystem, far beyond the scope of this blog to explore. Home to …

Palimpsest-building at Skeet

Month one as artist in resident at Sadeh-slash-Skeet and I’m still figuring out when I want to use ‘Sadeh’ versus when I want to use ‘Skeet’ in a sentence to describe where/why/how I do…whatever it is I do at Sadeh-slash-Skeet. This has manifested as a neurotic tic whereby I transform my ambivalence into a joke about the irony of being …

The beers for our up coming supper club

Food Pairing Beers One of the reasons I wanted to put on this food pairing was to introduce the Sadeh community to some less common beers. As the craft beer world becomes increasingly saturated with only a handful of styles, it can be difficult to find truly different beers from those which push the boundaries to the historical recipes making a comeback.

Lady Cynthia’s lover

The weekend will include Shabbes and Havdalah spiritual rituals which will be explicitly trans and non-binary inclusive in their lack of gender-assigned rituals. We hope to allow everyone to engage in all rituals together or choose what feels most nourishing.

March Musings – on Brambles and Coppicing

Alex Sylvester, Head of Perennials, Composting, and General Educator, writes about why coppicing and brambles are important for the field and all who are in it to rejoice! Alex helps Sadeh grow into a valuable resource for the Jewish and wider community, demonstrating and creating alternatives for the future.