Activities and workshops run by Sadeh


Sowing, planting, harvesting and composting workshops for all ages. The exact nature of the workshops depend on the seasons e.g. blackberry harvesting and ink making in August.

£5.50 per participant for 1.5 hours.

The farm tour

Come on our wondrous farm tour.  Hear our origin story while we wander through the meadow, taste some spicy salads, check out our very old trees and hear a bit of what Jewish farming is all about. Highly recommended if you would just like to choose one session.  This session is tailored to the age group and therefore suitable from the little ones to our elders.

£50 for 45 minutes

Jewish agriculture

Text based sessions on Jewish agriculture and Jewish farming traditions, concepts and rituals throughout our rich history.

£65 for one hour

The bee man

Come and learn everything there is to know about bees. Taste honey, wear bee goggles and see what being a bee is all about. If it is the right time of year you can even meet the bees!

£65 for 1 hour


Come and learn how to pickle! From sauerkraut, to pickled carrots, to cider, apple juice and beer!

Price and time vary depending on what you might want to pickle!


Create Havdalah bundles, make your own tea bags, weave herb webs and learn all about the amazing medicinal properties of herbs.

£50 for 45 minutes