A pig’s Tale

My farm to table experiences:

4Today my farm to table blogging/life experience began! And 6where better to begin than in the beautiful New England town of Nashua, New Hampshire. I initially thought farm-to-table living would be a simple process, like giving up red meat (bad example) or consuming less dairy. How wrong was I! Food labels, awkward conversations with waitresses and deep questions posed to unsuspecting supermarket staff. On-top of this, I’ve become obsessed with ingredient lists and the sourcing of foods that I am consuming! For me this is not only important for my health, or for the ecological benefit of the planet, it’s about the fun of knowing the process by which food ends up on my plate!

3As much as it pains me to be ‘that guy’, I find it so fun to see lettuce 1growing, which eventually ends up on my plate! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not exclusive to home grown produce. In fact, today I went to a supermarket Market Basket.  After I stopped hysterically laughing at the immense size of this grocery store, I realised that in many areas of the US, this type of grocery store is the norm! Market Basket had huge isles full of food of every type, food and flavor! It is quite painful to know that people are starving, yet these supermarkets exist on every corner. Where the unused produce ends up is another (haunting) question.

2ANYWAY – for my first trial we decided to visit the Pigs Tale. A fun restaurant in downtown Nashua that is proud of its farm-to-table roots! Has to be said the number of non-meat items were few and far between, but a mushroom pizza and beet salad did the trick (still hard seeing delicious fried chicken and waffles at the next door table!) The food arrived (beets, the waitress described picked straight from Lull’s farm – which I will be visiting next week). Delicious goats cheese straight from goats living on the farm and pizza made from local flour and veg. It was DELICIOUS of course, and so satisfying knowing from where it came.

Organic vs Non Organic – which is which?!

More posts to come. Next week we will be trying a recipe made with food bought from Lulls Farm. See you soon the next chapter!    


By Gabriel Chain