8-10th September

The ‘Sadeh warming’ will celebrate the first community harvest in time for the Jewish new year.

As the year draws to a close we will embrace our natural and spiritual connections to the field, to the plate and to our faith.  

There will be food, farming, fermenting, music, bands, story-telling, dancing, learning, singing and much more. The event will be held over the Sabbath which we will be celebrating in a non-traditional way with a variety of options.

Sleeping arrangements

There are dorms available: mixed or single sex on request. Please get in touch if you are a family as we have some family rooms. You can also camp in the field and use the indoor loos and showers. Please check here for the different ticket prices



The food will be vegan with some non-vegan options available (e.g. milk for tea) It will be hearty, wholesome and most importantly delicious! Where possible it will be super organic and come from Sadeh and if not from Sadeh, our local farm.  Get in touch with any queries/requests/allergies.



Tickets include beds (in dorms, those camping need to bring their own equipment), delicious, organic and local food and drink for the weekend and all the many activities, bands and sessions available throughout the weekend.
We will send out questionnaires nearer the time for dorm preferences, parking spaces, food requests, what to bring etc.
Sadeh is open to all - no one will be turned away for lack of funds

Early bird: July - August

Regular August: - September

“It’s a very basic human urge, it seems, to plant a seed, watch it grow, provision ourselves first-hand.” Barbara Kingsolver.


We are currently building a section on our website to share information on accessibility - in the meantime, whilst this is being completed, please feel free contact us if you have any queries regarding access

Travelling to Sadeh

If you are driving- please get in touch if you want to car share as there are limited car parking spaces.
Arrival by train: fast trains from Charing cross (25 mins) London Bridge (15 mins) Victoria (40 mins) to Orpington station. You can USE YOUR OYSTER CARD! Take a ten minute cab from the station to Sadeh. Come out of the station on the Station Approach, Buses side. Go down the hill and there is a great taxi company on the right hand side. There will be lots of people arriving on the train so please take cabs together and write your requests on the facebook event.
Address: Skeet Hill House, Skeet Hill Lane, BR6 7QD, Orpington


Everyone will be asked to do one volunteering session to build and be part of this community event but we will send out options with preferences so you can choose nearer the time. The sessions include clean up, meal prep, running a session or giving a talk, setting up a session etc.



Drink local craft beer over the weekend, enjoy tasters of a varieties of alcohol and learn about the history of these wonderful solutions!


Sadeh community booklet

We will create a booklet which will be illustrated by the Sadeh community this weekend. The text will be made up of your recipes, text on well-being, pastoral poetry and jewish prayers. Everyone will be invited to join the session to illustrate a border which will go around the text in the booklet. Please bring your favourite (vegetarian) recipes and/or poem if you'd like to write one and we will include as many as possible! Images to inspire your borders!

The food journey

THE FOOD JOURNEY - an animated, immersive, multi-sensory experience of a part of the human journey associated with the movement of food around the planet. It is part live theatre and participatory experiencing; it is part history, science and the socio-economy of food and people.




Get outside and help grow your community farm. Get your hands dirty with planting, harvesting, digging, building and learning a bit about growing your own food.


Avodat Lev

A morning service of the heart with singing. Some of the songs will be in hebrew but there will be transliteration so everyone can participate. A lovely and spiritual way to start the day.


Essence: The Beginner’s Guide to Veganism

This is a talk for those curious about veganism. Edward dispels the myths about protein, the importance of vitamin B12, the reasons why people become vegan and coming out (as a vegan). Edward wants you to maximise and enjoy your life. www.ethivegan.com