Cook First

Learn to cook with Amelia

Amelia Stewart, founder of Cook First (, is a cooking teacher, food writer and consultant.

 Based on the concept that cooking is a positive and productive creative medium through which to tackle the challenges of life, Cook First aims to empower people by teaching them to cook simple, nutritious, wholesome meals, while also minimising food wastage.

Amelia specialises in - amongst other things - gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free and Vegan cuisine, and has extensive experience working with all types of food allergies.

Cook First lessons will teach you how to:

  • create wholesome, nourishing meals and become mindful of what to feed your brain and frame, and
  • feel empowered, through learning basic recipes, with the confidence to create your own dishes and further develop and refine this essential life skill.

But equally important as learning how to cook is learning how to minimise food waste; Cook First’s lessons also focus on how to make the most out of the food you buy.  Exploring a food’s versatility, rather than automatically binning something that’s over-ripe or “about to go off”, can be both rewarding and satisfying.


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