Bromley Borough Foodbank

At Sadeh, as a Jewish farm, we have been investigating creative methods to fulfill the ancient Jewish laws of agriculture. Many of the laws relate to a time where Jewish life was centered around the temple and most are exclusively for those who live in the land of Israel. Even though we are not obligated in most of these laws,we understand the laws to have spiritual, environmental and social function the essence of which we can replicate at Sadeh.

Recently in a learning session lead by Kohenet Sarah Chandler,  we discussed how we can fulfil 10 ancient agricultural laws in a meaningful way that gives back to the community that supports us.

Today we are have created a way to do the Mitzvot (good deeds) of Pe’ah and Leket which require leaving some  produce and sections of fields for the poorer members of the community.

Our farm has  struck up a relationship with our local food bank in Bromley where we are now able to donate a portion of our fresh vegetables and fruits. Especially during the school holidays, families are under particular strain as they do not get the benefit of free school meals making these donations particularly important.

Whether enjoyed by a child, a Sadeh event, local volunteer or a local family in need, your support makes it possible for us to grow these vegetables.  Thank you so much from the Sadeh team and our local community. If you would like to help further please consider volunteering your time down at Sadeh for a few hours or donating to us so that we can donate more veggies and expand our transformative programmes to reach more people.