May day

Sadeh and Skeet Hill House hope to see you at May Day where we will be offering lots of fun activities on the farm. 

Activities include:


  • Gardening and growing vegetables workshops 
  • Garden/Recycling Art
  • Music - bring your instruments!
  • Folk songs
  • Plant sale
  • Veggie lunch
  • Activity course with a zip wire
  • learn how to brew with Josh (£40 including beers to take home but this takes all day so come on time)
  • learning about composting and mini beasts
  • how to grow in the city 
  • lots of children friendly farm activities
  • Jewish farming!



buy tickets here

1: You can either buy tickets online at Eventbrite which charges a small fee but you can use your card.

2: Bank transfer with reference: Mayday. Please email stating you have made the bank transfer. 

Skeet hill House management trust
NAT west 
Branch 60/20/24
AC no 38608995

Tickets include workshops, sessions and lunch (please let us know if you have dietary requirements)

  • Adult: £12
  • Children (under 16): £8
  • Children under 4 go free
  • Group of 4: £35
  • Adult group of 10: £100
  • Adult ticket plus a craft beer one hour tasting session: £18.50

A few featured activities

Getting Crafty:

We'll be making our first seasonal scarecrows to help us out on the farm! To keep the birds away from our veggies, it's an important job getting their appearance right. Dig around in your cupboards and attics for any old clothes you'd like to bring - shirts and jackets, forgotten jeans, discarded dresses, and bib overalls are excellent scarecrow garb. Remember, the brighter the better. Red is a particularly good colour to ward off crows, black birds and starling. We'll also be providing garments, so don't worry if you can't find any of your own. Other handy recycled materials we'll be using include: buttons, wire, twine, bottle caps, old CDs, rags. We'll be collecting grass clippings, fallen leaves and hay from around the farm, too.

Poetry of The Sadeh

Come write your stories of the land. Join Sara to get quiet and let the poetry of The Sadeh flow through. We will be exploring Jewish nature poetry across the ages and create our own. (EVERYONE is a poet, so EVERYONE is welcome). Pencils provided.

Brewing beer

Brewing beer is an ancient art as old as civilisation itself, and you can carry on this tradition by learning to make it in your own home. Discover the process of how beer is made from its raw ingredients, and enjoy a history of the drink whilst sampling some homebrews along the way. 

Three Acres and a Cow - A History of Land Rights and Protest in Folk Song and Story.

Robin Grey and Rachel Rose Reid form part of Three Acres and a Cow - A History of Land Rights and Protest in Folk Song and Story.
They will be joining the Sadeh to host a special singers' circle, a singalong of English and Yiddish songs of protest and country life.  Instruments welcome!
Rachel is the UK's first woman to be ordained by the Kohenet Institute, a co-founder of Moishe House London, and a performance artist, working to open hearts through storytelling, ritual, and song, from the Barbican to Burning Man.
Robin is a social historian, folk musician and land rights activist, who has graced the boards of Cecil Sharp House, the Southbank Centre, and the Union Chapel as well as performing closer to the earth around London’s gardens.

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