Things to do this Chanukah

There are lots of lovely things to do this Chanukah to help your celebrations be more sustainable. We got a few fun ideas from the amazing Shoresh programmes in Canada.

1: Unusual chanukah gifts! 

Sponsor a tree on the farm - this could be a lovely fruit tree for our orchard or an important nitrogen fixing tree that allows our fruit trees to live! (£100)

Sponsor a plant! What could be better than a little Raspberry bush or carrot patch that you can come and visit and try! (£25)

Please get in touch with if you would like to sponsor plants or trees on the farm.


2: Make your latkahs local and organic

This will be healthier for you and the planet! Get the potatoes, onions and eggs (or no eggs!) from your local farmers market. There are lots suggested on the London Farmers Market website. Or if you really can't make the market, you can still buy farm to fork online through a few different sites like or .


3: Think about the miracle (and difficulties) of oil

Though the Macabees managed to make one day's oil last 8 days, we may not be so lucky. It is difficult to come to terms with how much oil is used in our food and surging oil prices are going to hit farmers hard. This great documentary discusses Rebecca Hosking's journey on learning about ways to use less oil in our food production. As you light your candles, think about how precious oil is and have a think about how you could use less oil in the coming year. 

Latkah recipes

There are a few vegan Latkah recipes out there but I thought this one looked good as I like the idea of having mashed and grated potato!  Vegan recipe 

And these are vegan and don't even have flour! Vegan flourless recipe


And check out these Sweet potato latkahs if you are feeling a little daring! Sweet potato recipe


And if you just can't live without your Chanukah bush....

Visit Mill Lane garden centre which is a great garden centre, has a lot of lovely looking chanukah bushes and offers training and job opportunities to local people with disabilities. 

They are open Monday - Sunday 9.30am - 4.30pm