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At Sadeh, as a Jewish farm, we have been investigating creative methods to fulfill the ancient Jewish laws of agriculture. Many of the laws relate to a time where Jewish life was centered around the temple and most are exclusively for those who live in the land of Israel. Even though we are not obligated in most of these laws,we …

Memories of a Connecticut carrot


Seven years ago, on a blistering hot day in Connecticut, I watched as my friend Poppy pulled a carrot straight from the ground, brushed off the mud and munched happily away on it. It was a memorable moment, not just because she defied all of our collective aversions to mud and dirt, and our institutional addiction to clean, artificially shapen …


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Come and visit Sadeh at Gefiltafest Danni and Alexander are two of the founding members of Sadeh, the first Jewish farm in the United Kingdom in this generation. Join them to at Gefiltafest to discuss social action, environmentalism, and interfaith work – all with Jewish farming at it’s core. Importantly, you can find out how you can get involved too …

Brew day


Come and learn how to brew your own beer. Brewing beer is an ancient art as old as civilisation itself, and you can carry on this tradition by learning to make it in your own home. Discover the process of how beer is made from its raw ingredients, and enjoy a history of the drink whilst sampling some homebrews along …

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SUPPORT SADEH TODAY How to support Sadeh? Make a one off donation to Sadeh anytime or Become a patron PLATINUM  Support Sadeh with Platinum membership for £500 a year 1: Come to every event for free. Some of the events we put on are Themed Supper Clubs, Family days, Festivals, Weekend retreats and many more.  (You still need to book …

HEMP MILK: ‘What the crop is that?!’


With a myriad of milk alternatives on the market to choose from, Duncan tells Sadeh why Hemp milk is the most sustainable and tasty option out there. Duncan Delves Hemp has been cultivated by the farming folk of numerous cultures for thousands of years. Indeed, it remained an important crop throughout Europe and the United States until the mid twentieth …

Pesach volunteering at the farm


Pesach is a harvest festival. Come and volunteer at Sadeh farm this Pesach and physically learn how our Jewish practices are based in agriculture. We will be doing lots of different farm activities, getting our hands dirty and building Sadeh together plant by plant. Bring pack lunch but we will provide Pesach snacks and hot drinks. 11am – 3pm All …

Soap nuts as laundry detergent


I give them 5 stars!Gold-StarGold-StarGold-StarGold-StarGold-Star

IMAG1635WHAT: Soap nuts are the shell of a berry which grows on the Sapindus mukorossi (Soap Berry) tree in the Himalayas. There is Saponin – natural soap – in these berries and they remove stains and smells from things.

USE: Soap nuts can be used for anything you need soap for – shampoo, body wash, laundry detergent, a soap for your pet. They are good also for sensitive skin as they are very mild but still do a great job washing.

I’ve been thinking about using soap nuts for my laundry for a long time, as I want to try and decrease buying packaging and using chemicals – especially as I am planning on using the water from my sink and washing machine goes in our garden. On the other hand, I’m a farmer so my clothes get pretty dirty and I would rather they were properly cleaned in the laundry! IMAG1633

Well, I bought soap nuts and some lemon essence. I use 4 or 5 in a little muslin bag and after use I keep them in the fridge. I reuse them 4 times or so before I compost them. They are absolutely amazing honestly. They are a whole bunch cheaper than regular environmental or just regular laundry powder/liquid and they clean my really quite sweaty, dirty farm clothes very well!IMAG1637

Definitely consider investing in some soap nuts. Next I am going to try and use them for my dog’s shampoo – will let you know how it goes.

There are loads of awesome reviews about soap nuts e.g. at on wellness Mama’s blog so have a read.

Loads of places to buy from: – Ecozone Hypoallergenic & Organic Soap Nuts 1kg

Ethical superstore

Let us know how your soap nut journey goes!